Our Brand

We’ve always invested in trust, and now the time has come to help our clients do a lot more with a lot less.

We are KIFS- the same, but different

We at KIFS have embraced change, yet at the same time we are keen on preserved our values. We are eager to tap into new territory and we help you trade with more confidence. With a bright, fresh vision we turn a new page in the history book of trading, redefining the concept of trust-worthy trades and of doing more with less.

Number 1 in a million

Whether you are a day trader, a positional trader or a fundamental investor, steady financial growth is what matters. So if you’re serious about increasing your profits and making the best out of your trading opportunities, you need to work with the number 1 trading company on the market. We are by your side every step of the way, increasing your profits while saving your time.

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Our Values

Passion for Customers

Trading without proper analysis is nothing short of gambling. It is like driving blindfolded. We understand that your savings are essential, and we know that they would be drained out in a short time span if you depend on tips and dismiss the importance of research. At KIFS, our priority is to make sure you earn sustainable returns. Be a part of the winning 1% club!

Speed and Agility

KIFS Trade Capital is a professional online trading platform, the most advanced of its kind, and it will deliver a smooth and rich online trading experience. The system can handle well over 150,000 mapped clients so you can rest assured there is capacity for anything you need. Even with around 10-12,000 clients trading at the same time, the system delivers a top performance..

Uncompromising Integrity

Ever since 1987 we’ve made fair and transparent trading our priority. With over 100,000 clients gained over the last years, we take trading seriously, and never compromise when it comes to offering you the best services. Our platform is tailored to help you make the best of your transactions

Our Mentors

Jayesh Khandwala


Rajesh Khandwala


Vimal Khandwala


Our Captain

Kushal Khandwala


After completing his Masters at the University of Warwick in Innovation & Enterpreneurship, Kushal has kick-started his career with KIFS Securities Ltd. His view on stock broking is that there is a lot of opportunity for growth in this sector and with the right attitude anyone can tap into this resource. He has lived in different parts of the world such as Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Coventry (UK) and Berkeley (California). In his spare time he likes to read self-help books, play guitar, compose music and play football.

Money should always be a bi-product of the effort you put into any given activity!

Our Drivers

Kamlesh Dhandhukiya


Dharmendra Doshi

Demat and KYC

Nisarg Pandya


Apexa Modi


Nikhil Thakkar



Get to know who we are – from the inside out. From our history and culture, to the people behind our success, taking it to a bright future.