KIFS Group (Khandwala group) Privacy Policy

KIFS Group and all of its officers and employees will comply with the following basic policy as well as
with relevant laws and regulations and guidelines from supervising authorities


  1. Information will be collected in a manner consistent with all relevant laws and regulations, and necessary measures will be taken to ensure that client should provide such personal information correctly and up-to-date.
  2. Personal information will be used only for the purpose(s) for which notification has been given. Any disclosure or provision of personal information to third parties will comply with all relevant laws and regulations and, unless mandated or other appropriate reason exists, such disclosure shall not occur without the consent of the individual.
  3. Thorough training will be provided to officers and employees in order to prevent the leakage or inappropriate use of personal information and appropriate control systems will be established.
  4. In the event that personal information is provided to an external contractor, the applicable group company will take responsibility for ensuring that said external contractor has proper systems in place to protect the privacy of such personal information.
  5. All requests from individuals for the disclosure, correction, and usage termination of personal information shall be carried out in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations.


  • In the course of using this website or availing the products and services vide the online application forms and questionnaires, KIFS Securities Private Limited (KIFS) and its Affiliates/subsidiaries may become privy to the personal information of its customers, including information that is of a confidential nature.
  • KIFS is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and has taken all necessary and reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of the customer information and its transmission through the world wide web and it shall not be held liable for disclosure of the confidential information when in accordance with this Privacy Commitment or in terms of the agreements, if any, with the Customers.
  • KIFS endeavours to safeguard and ensure the security of the information provided by the Customer.
  • The Customer would be required to cooperate with KIFS in order to ensure the security of the information, and it is recommended that the Customers necessarily choose their passwords carefully such that no unauthorised access is made by a third party. To make the password complex and difficult for others to guess, the Customers should use combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters (like !, @, #, $ etc.). The Customers should undertake not to disclose their password to anyone or keep any written or other record of the password such that a third party could access it.
  • KIFS undertakes not to disclose the information provided by the Customers to any person, unless such action is necessary to:
  1. Conform to legal requirements or comply with legal process;
  2. Protect and defend KIFS Securities’ or its Affiliates’ rights, interests or property;
  3. Enforce the terms and conditions of the products or services; or
  4. Act to protect the interests of KIFS, its Affiliates, or its members, constituents or of other persons.
  • The Customers shall not disclose to any other person, in any manner whatsoever, any information relating to KIFS or its Affiliates of a confidential nature obtained in the course of availing the services through the website. Failure to comply with this obligation shall be deemed a serious breach of the terms herein and shall entitle KIFS or its Affiliates to terminate the services, without prejudice to any damages, to which the customer may be entitled otherwise.
  • KIFS will limit the collection and use of customer information only on a need-to-know basis to deliver better service to the customers. It may use and share the information provided by the Customers with its Affiliates and third parties for providing services and any service-related activities such as collecting subscription fees for such services, and notifying or contacting the Customers regarding any problem with, or the expiration of, such services. In this regard, it may be necessary to disclose the customer information to one or more agents and contractors of KIFS and their sub-contractors, but such agents, contractors, and sub-contractors will be required to agree to use the information obtained from KIFS only for these purposes.
  • The Customer authorises KIFS to exchange, share, part with all information related to the details and transaction history of the Customers to its Affiliates / banks / financial institutions / credit bureaus / exchanges / regulatory authorities / other agencies/ participation in any telecommunication or electronic clearing network as may be required by law, customary practice, credit reporting, statistical analysis and credit scoring, verification or risk management and shall not hold KIFS liable for use or disclosure of this information.

Amendments Rights : KIFS Securities Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to change the contents of the privacy policy from time to time. Any predominant change in the manner of usage of the personal information shall be notified in this site. We welcome your suggestions and queries.