From idea to execution, our experts at KIFS Trade Capital deliver strategies and solutions to trade in the equity and derivative market with ease.

KIFS Trade Capital will hand-hold you in equity trading and lend invaluable guidance to manage risks involved in derivatives trading.

Derivative market comprises of trading with futures and options., Our in-house research team creates insightful research reports to keep you up-to-date with the movements of the market and the performance of investment assets. Our experts will guide you with strategies to increase your possibilities of enhancing your earnings, through an arbitrage, hedging activity or margin trade.

We believe in serving our clients with innovative ideas through a simplified approach. Our services are tailored as per international standards to meet the varying needs of a budding investor to an experienced market player.


Grab the opportunities in the commodity derivatives market with the sound advice of our commodity market experts at KIFS Trade Capital.

Are you seeking investment opportunities in new markets? Commodity derivative is an emerging investment gateway. We at KIFS Trade Capital, thoroughly understand the fluctuations in the commodity prices and use high-end analysis to derive easily consumable insights from time to time.

KIFS Trade Capital is a member of MCX and NCDEX. Our clients can perform trading transactions in both these commodity exchanges of India. Based on your existing portfolio, our team of experts shall guide you to diversify your assets as per your ambitious targets in the commodity markets. Based on the fundamentals of demand and supply, Commodities form a separate asset class offering investors, arbitrageurs and speculators immense potential to earn returns.

With seamless customer experience, our clients enjoy a blend of best in class solutions integrated together to create a portfolio as per their comfort zone.


Enjoy a whole new trading experience with the convenience of online trading, backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure, robust technology and knowledgeable domain experts at KIFS Trade Capital.

Everything that you ever wanted to be at your fingertips for trading in the various investment markets is available with our well-structured online trading facility. An intuitive interface, well organized data and 24/7 online support gives you a seamless trading experience.

We bring to our clients a platform that perfectly blends the benefits of traditional methods of trading with the new-age convenience of technology. Enjoy instant trading on the move and grab the opportunities that are otherwise missed due to lengthy procedures. Keep track of your investment portfolio with the latest data analytics tools. Utilise internet banking to manage funds for trading purposes.

Our smart mobile app KIFS TRADE ONLINE makes it possible for the smart investor to trade on the go anytime anywhere.


Opportunities are not to be missed. Make the most of the present trading opportunity with KIFS Trade Capital Depository services.

You need a demat account to store your shares for online trading. We are registered as a depository participant with NSDL (National Depository Services Limited). Our endeavour is to deliver the best online trading experience to our demat account holders.

As a reputed depository participant, we deliver an array of facilities for our respected clients. You can benefit from competitive transaction charges. Avail detailed statements of demat account online. For a richer customer experience, we fine tune our processes regularly. Our world class customer service team ensures speedy resolution for your concerns.

At KIFS Trade Capital, we adhere to the depository guidelines and stay up-to-date with the latest updates from the depository.


Be the first to invest. Get ready to invest in the shares of new entrants in the capital market with the resourceful KIFS Trade Capital IPO services.

IPO or Initial Public Offer gives investors the opportunity to invest early in companies and gain higher investment returns in a shorter time span. Our team at KIFS Trade Capital keeps track of companies entering the capital markets. Our timely guidance will guide you to make the right investments for your portfolio, at the right time. We enable our clients to make better allocation of their resources in alignment with the IPO issue date.

Also, enjoy value-added services such as upcoming IPO updates, brief profiles of companies entering the market and more. Our experts have the right networks and resources to give you the right advice about risk and returns along with best-in-class services.


Through this product, the company provides funding facility for Primary market investment for retail category (IPO Financing).


Diversify your portfolio and save taxes with a wide range of mutual fund investment ideas and a host of world class services offered by our experienced KIFS Trade Capital team.

Enjoy carefully selected mutual fund investment plans to fulfill your investment goals. Right from choosing well-suited mutual funds to enabling seamless management of your portfolio of diversified funds, our experts take care of your every need. Our fund managers guide you with in-depth information and research insights.


Rest your worries for the future with the protection offered by life insurance policies. KIFS Trade Capital insurance specialists can help you to acquire the right insurance.

Secure your future and the future of your loved ones with the wide range of life insurance policies presented by KIFS Trade Capital experts.

Whether it is the dream of buying an expensive car or sending your kids abroad for further studies, you can start by investing in a suitable policy at the right time. To continue to lead an independent life when you grow old, choose from our range of retirement policies. Unfortunate events or unexpected health concerns in life cannot be predicted. It is best to be prepared for such events with an insurance policy that can take care of your financial needs on time.

Enjoy our best in class life insurance solutions with seamless customer service experience. No matter what your life goals are, our insurance experts will guide you with the right set of insurance plans as per your needs.